Unit 3 Assignment

Unit 3 Assignment - Unit 3 Assignment 1 Unit 3 Assignment...

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Unit 3 Assignment 1 Unit 3 Assignment: WaterSense Proposal MT450: Marketing Management February 20, 2012 Charity Barnes
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Unit 3 Assignment 2 WaterSense Proposal “My feet are killing me; I need to find another job.” This is what 75% of Americans have or wills say because of some sort of foot problem they have contracted (YourFootHealth, N.d.). There is a long list of injuries that can result from standing on your feet too long ranging from swollen and painful legs and/or feet to varicose veins (CanadianWoman’sHealthNetwork, 2005). It has been proven than more women than men, four times more to be exact, suffer from foot problems whether it is due to obesity or job requirements. According to Dr. Nirenberg and America’s Podiatrist, when there is excessive pressure on the feet, they not only tend to flatten but the legs tend to overcompensate by rotating inward in excessive amounts resulting in painful deterioration to the legs, hips, and feet (2010). Because of these facts, WaterSense Orthopedic shoes will be marketed specifically for women in an attempt to reduce the number of foot surgeries being performed. The majority of shoes offer a gel insert for the heel and there are even gel insoles on the market but none of these offer the same comfort for the whole foot as WaterSense Orthopedic shoes. WaterSense is designed with a water-like gel in throughout the whole some rather that just in the heel to provide adequate support and comfort for persons requiring prolonged standing. There are, of course, some things that could become problems and possible get in the way of the production of WaterSense. Deciding on how to manufacture this product at an affordable price could prove to be a substantial problem; since a great deal of production costs are passed onto consumers, it is very important to keep the cost of production as low as possible. One other issue might be how to make it to where the sole does not puncture and ooze the gel substance rendering the shoe useless. Of course, both of these issues can be overcome by simply doing the required research as to the most inexpensive way to produce
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Unit 3 Assignment - Unit 3 Assignment 1 Unit 3 Assignment...

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