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Unit 5 Assignment (2)

Unit 5 Assignment (2) - Unit 5 Assignment Situation...

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Unit 5 Assignment: Situation Analysis MT450: Marketing Management March 6, 2012 Charity Barnes
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There are six priorities or preferable outcomes that should be considered when trying to balance decisions, minimize risk, and develop a communication plan (Lippitt, 2003). It’s the understanding of these priorities that will help in the development of a successful marketing plan. There are also certain screening criteria to verify the characteristics of high potential ventures, thus leading to a successful product (Timmons, 1999). First it’s important to focus on keeping the product, in this case WaterSense Orthopedic shoes, up to date and current. This will require keeping up on any technology that may be accessible for the manufacture of these shoes; making then the top of the line product on the market. Secondly it’s important to continue meeting customer expectations. It’s important to keep in mind what WaterSense’s competitive edge is along with who the competition is and how the target market can be reached (Lippitt, 2003). The third priority is regarding infrastructure
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