Unit 5 Assignment

Unit 5 Assignment - Unit 5 Assignment MT450: Marketing...

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Unit 5 Assignment MT450: Marketing Management March 6, 2012 Charity Barnes
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Timeline January 8 th , 1991 : Gopher was created and was the first simple service provided to people making it possible to internet services (timeline, 2009). Yahoo!, Google, and Bing are some other more popular search engines that can either be used to find information or when you search Gopher, all of the search results from the previously mentioned search engines will also be included. January 8 th , 1992: The first blog titled ‘What’s up’ was created by Berners-Lee (timeline, 2009). This was arguably the first in a long list of blogs ranging from reviews about businesses to just personal journaling of everyday events. 1995: Classmates.com was created in an attempt to bring together people who had gone to school together (Nickson, 2009). This social networking site paved the way for all of the other social networking sites that we have today. April 1996: Juno launched a free-ad supported email service (WorldData, 1997). Millions of people utilize email making advertising within an email server a brilliant idea. 1997: SixDegree.com was created and although it was not a successful website for social networking, it was the first site that made it possible for users to make personal profiles (Nickson, 2009). This provided the necessary information to future networking sites to be
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Unit 5 Assignment - Unit 5 Assignment MT450: Marketing...

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