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Unit 7 Group Assignment - delicatessens in this area making...

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Since Sanctuary of Peace is set up to accompany the needs of persons from all financial walks of life, the target market will consist of consumers within the city in which it is primarily located. With the range of services that we provide; men, women, and young adults alike can find a service that will fit their needs; there is also a service for people of all age groups and everyone will feel at home upon entering Sanctuary of Peace. The ideal way of reaching this target market is by sending a complementary coupon to addresses in the target market attempting to establish a client base with which to build upon. In positioning this product, it will be beneficial to open shop in a very rural area where there are many business professionals who are more likely to indulge in the pleasantries of massage. Not only is it beneficial because of the business district but there are also several
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Unformatted text preview: delicatessens in this area making it very convenient to get a massage and then go across or down the street and enjoy some soup and salad. Another benefit, and possibly the most important one for those who use public transportation, it is right off a major bus line so anyone using public transportation has access to our parlor. The target market for and positioning of Sanctuary of Peace has everything to do with the product/service line that will be offered. It is important that we as a company offer several different services as to have something that any income level can afford. We offer the prenatal massage for the expecting mother, the simple massage for the busy men who don’t have a lot of time to invest but still want a little relaxation, and we have a deep tissue massage for the young adults that just want to indulge in a little pampering....
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