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Unit7-MarketingStrategy - Marketing Strategy Sanctuary of...

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Marketing Strategy: Sanctuary of Peace’s main objective is to provide excellent services to each of our clients, as well as solve any physical problems there may be. Our clients will be made up of walk in, scheduled appointments, and local doctor referrals. We not only offer hot stone and deep tissue massages, we also use techniques that relieve back pain and eliminate muscle spasms. Our services will be provided with the highest of trained therapist with a minimum of 5 years experience to be considered for employement. We will work closely with the local clinics and medical offices to ensure that each procedure will accomplish the prescribed results. Our repeat clients who have suffered with back pain in the past will rave about the relief they receive from our expert therapists on staff. The goal of meeting our client’s needs is the reason we are in business, and the reason why we are looking to expand and the reason that we are able to continue to offer competive pricing with superior services. The broad marketing approach that will be used to achieve the objectives will be reliant upon the structure and proportion of the 4Ps of marketing, and on the action and control programs set. - (ADD the 4P’s here) Product- Sanctuary of Peace is a professional, low cost massage parlor offering a smorgasbord of massages. Whatever a customer desires, Sanctuary of Peace is guaranteed to have a massage that meets their needs. Our licensed massage therapists are trained to provide quality service to people from all walks of life: males, females, prenatal women, senior citizens, anyone needing relief by way of non-medicinal methods. Our therapists have more than 20 years of combined experience, and continue to keep up with the latest trends in therapy and technology.
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Sanctuary of Peace is centrally located for easy access for patrons of the surrounding business district. Moreover, Sanctuary of Peace offers a mobile unit that will come to your business.
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