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Unit 4 Assignment_Marketing_Situation - Unit 4 Assignment...

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Unit 4 Assignment: Current Marketing Situation MT450: Marketing Management February 28, 2012 Charity Barnes
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Current Marketing Situation There are five different areas that need to be evaluated when deciding on the best possible marketing plan for a product or service: market, product, competition, distribution, and macroenvironment (Kotler, 2001). The market situation refers to the current statistics about the target market; the product situation refers to sales, prices, contribution margins, and net profits; the competitive situation refers to the major competitors in the market who can give the product or service being marketed competition; the distribution situation outlines data regarding size and importance of each distribution channel; and the macroenvironment describes trends such as demographic, economic, technical, political/legal, and socio/cultural (Kotler, 2001). Market Situation: Foot care is very important and the worst thing for anyone to have to endure to painful feet all day long as a result of prolonged standing. From a statistical standpoint, 10% of all reported disabling injuries result from punctures, crushing, sprains, and lacerations; these types of injuries wouldn’t be due to poor support but rather poor foot care all together (CCOHS, 2010). Another 15% of foot related injuries are a result of slip, trip, and falls which would be eliminated by offering a slip-resistant WaterSense Orthopedic shoe (CCOHS, 2010). There are a large percentage of people who have jobs requiring prolonged standing and as a result of these job requirements a large majority suffers from severely achy feet, blisters, calluses, corns, arthritis, malformation of toes, flat feet, bunions, and sprains (CCOHS, 2010). WaterSense Orthopedic shoes is designed to reduce and possible eliminate a great deal of these
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Unit 4 Assignment_Marketing_Situation - Unit 4 Assignment...

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