Unit 6 Assignment

Unit 6 Assignment - Unit 6 Assignment: Impacts of a...

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Unit 6 Assignment: Impacts of a Borderless Society SC300: Big Ideas in Science March 12, 2012 Charity Barnes
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All of the foods that we eat have both an economic and ecological impact on our lives. Each meal of the day is very important and each item that is consumed originates from a different part of the country, maybe even a different part of the world. When trying to determine the impact of a particular food being available for consumption and its economic and/or ecological impact on today’s society, it’s important to keep in mind transportation, possible pesticides and/or destruction of Mother Nature for harvesting (Kaplan University, 2012). In an attempt to make the impact of certain foods on the world, I have chosen two meals that I will dissect and analyze the components; breakfast and lunch. For breakfast I usually have eggs and toast. It seems a little out of the ordinary but I usually do not drink anything with breakfast. I purchased the eggs from Kroger, a local grocery chain, because they were on sale for $1 a dozen. Most of the eggs that people consume are Gallus domesticas (IncredibleEgg.org, 2012). There have been several hundred breeds and varieties of chickens however only a few of these breeds can be used for egg production. The eggs naturally come from a chicken so there is no additional processing needed; a good majority of eggs are taken from the farm and sold directly to the retailer or distributing center. The eggs are then sent from the distribution center to the store at which time they are bought by the consumer. The second component of this meal is toast whose main ingredient is yeast which is a tiny microorganism, better known as fungi (Shea, 2007). After learning this, I will be thinking
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Unit 6 Assignment - Unit 6 Assignment: Impacts of a...

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