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The dusky seaside sparrow, a bird formerly partial to the East coast of Florida, was last seen in 1987 (Osborn, 2007). Not only did this species fly in our skies, it breathed our air, drank our water, took shelter in our trees…the list goes on and on. Our responsibility to all other species that we share this earth with is simple; do unto others as you would have done unto you does not relate to just other humans. We don’t want to drink polluted water but then again we don’t have to because we have purified water or we can buy water; birds and other animals don’t have that choice. According to Science Daily (2006), humans have caused the extinction of around 500 species of birds because of habitat destruction, selective hunting, and global warming; it is said that the extinction rate will increase by up to 10 species every year if society does not take action to reverse the devastating effects of human error. As I said earlier, birds and all other animals consume the same natural resources as we do.
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