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TWAlexSWA8 - arable such as the last sentence of the...

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Alex Swenda ENG-201-OL011 Writing Assignment 8 Instructor: Lorrie Pannullo
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WA 8 2 Activity 12.4 For Activity 12.4, revise the informative abstract of “Nutrient intakes and adequacy among an older population on the eastern shore of Maryland: The Salisbury Eye evaluation” (page 298) as a descriptive abstract. The Salisbury Eye Evaluation studied the dietary intakes of elderly citizens residing in Salisbury, Maryland. Participants were evaluated based on protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin, and mineral intake to determine nutritional adequacy. Conclusively, participants that were tested were shown to have overall nutritional inadequacies as well as differences between nutrition intake compared to different races. What specifics can you summarize? The original informative abstract divided topics by objective, subjects/setting, design, statistical analysis, results, and conclusions. Each area held specific information that was sum
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Unformatted text preview: arable such as the last sentence of the descriptive summary. The abstract went into detail of the nutritional inadequacies between white and black participants which I later changed to show that just differences existed. The statistical analysis performed used a specific formula that the test was based on, but the descriptive summary maintained that the participants were evaluated and tested. WA 8 3 Activity 12.6 For Activity 12.6, write a descriptive summary of A Personal Portrait of the Rodrigues Fruit Bat, which appears in Chapter 10, page 227. This article provides insight to the unique characteristics and lifestyle of the Rodrigues Fruit Bat. Emphasis is placed in the qualities this animal possesses such as facial structure, lung capacity, aroma, and flying strength. The article concludes with the programs and protection that Rodriguans are enacting to protect the Rodrigues Fruit Bat....
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TWAlexSWA8 - arable such as the last sentence of the...

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