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PM AlexSWA3 - typically arise What are the most common...

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Writing Assignment 3 Alex Swenda MAN-435-OL009: Project Management Mentor: Mark Aglio
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Abstract This paper will examine the principles learned in chapters six and seven and their application towards project management. 1. Describe the steps you would take to assemble a project team. 2. Groups mature over time, increasing their effectiveness and productivity. How would you describe the stages of group development, and what do you feel is the responsibility of a project team leader in fostering group development? How does a mature group act more effectively? 3. Personal conflicts are inevitable in a team environment. What general types of conflicts
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Unformatted text preview: typically arise? What are the most common sources of conflicts? Finally, what are the most common methods of resolving conflicts? 4. How do you define risk management and project risk? What is the relationship between risk and opportunity? Why does the period of highest risk impact occur during the latter period of the project life cycle? 1. Describe the steps you would take to assemble a project team. The steps needed to build my project team would be based upon the skills required, the attitude of the person based on past projects,...
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