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PM CS 5 Alex Swenda - Case Study 5 Alex Swenda...

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Case Study 5 Alex Swenda MAN-435-OL009: Project Management Mentor: Mark Aglio
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CASE STUDY- Project Scheduling at Blanque Cheque Construction Joe has worked for Blanque Cheque Construction (BCC) for five years, mainly in administrative positions. Three months ago, he was informed that he was being transferred to the firm’s project management group. Joe was excited because he realized that project management was typically the career path to the top in the BCC, and everyone had to demonstrate the ability to “get their feet wet” by successfully running projects. Joe had just left a meeting with his superior, Jill, who assigned him project management responsibilities for a new construction project the company had successfully bid. The project consisted of developing a small commercial property that the owners hoped to turn into a strip mall, directly across the street from a suburban college campus. The size of the property and building costs made it prudent to develop the property for four stores of roughly equal size. Beyond that desire, the owners make it clear to BCC that all project management associated with
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PM CS 5 Alex Swenda - Case Study 5 Alex Swenda...

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