21 - Nutritional infertility, Kalra, S.P.

21 - Nutritional infertility, Kalra, S.P. - Article #18...

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Article #18 – Nutritional Infertility chronic undernourishment and short-term nutritional inbalance have been linked with adverse reproductive consequences in animals and humans malnutrition and starvation also retard onset of puberty restored to normal with improved nutrition nutritional inadequacy accompanying strenuous exercise has been correlated with reproductive problems caloric imbalance rather than deficiency intake of a particular class of macrobutrient underlies the altered hypothalamic control of reproduction neuropeptides are recognized as essential messenger molecules in cell to cell communication within the hypothalamus NPY is one of the essential messenger molecules that serve as a communication bridge between neural processes that regulate reproduction and energy homeostasis NPY expression and action (imposed by undernurishment or overabundance of nutrients) contribute to adaptive adjustments in reproduction NPY: Perikarya in ARC a common source Most potent orexigenic brain signal, cannot develop tolerance naturally occurring appetite stimulator released into the PVN and neighbouring sites when feeding is desired the primary source of NPY and the neural sites that transducer the appetite information encoded in the NPY molecule reside in the hypothalamus elements involved long lasting NPY induced increased drive for food consumption reside in the forebrain
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21 - Nutritional infertility, Kalra, S.P. - Article #18...

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