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27 - Logevity and the Barren Aristocrat

27 - Logevity and the Barren Aristocrat - reproduction...

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Article 24 Summary: Longevity & the Barren Aristocrat Author: Daniel E.L. Promislow Key Points Drosophila experiments show that those with fewer offspring generally live longer lifespan negatively correlates with family size An analysis of 1200 years of genealogical data from British aristocrats suggests that this relationship can be extended to humans (lifespan is negatively correlated with family size) Madame Calment, recently died at the age of 122, and gerontologists say part of her incredible life span was due to the fact she had only one child over evolutionary time, late acting deleterious genes accumulate and lead to an increase in mortality rates later in life Antagonistic Pleiotropy – a trade-off between benefits at an early age and costs later in life Kirwood’s “Disposable Soma” theory predicts that any investment in
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Unformatted text preview: reproduction diverts resources away from the maintenance and repair of cells, the results is ageing and is consistent with the Principle of Allocation Key results: o Negative correlation between the number of years survived beyond 60 and the number of children o Women who started reproducing later lived longer o ~50% of the women who lived passed 81 had no children o longevity is not only correlated between parents and offspring, but between husband and wife… thus shared environment plays a role o ageing using human data assumes that the observed variation in longevity is due in part to genetics Future Questions: o Is there an optimal clutch size that maximizes Darwinian fitness for humans? o Is there an effect of marital status on longevity? o What are the causes and consequences of female reproductive behaviour?...
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