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Lecture 1- January 4th - Ie trees fish minerals and...

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January 4 th , 2012 Lecture 1 Since the early 1900s o Global population has increased 5x For every person in 1900- there is 5 people taking place of that person o 20x increase in global economy o 30x increase in fossil fuel consumption- rise of automobile in 20 th century o 50x increase in industrial production What is the environment? Everything where life lives Combination of: o Atmosphere: mostly the less dense material, drifting above us o Hydrosphere: all the water parts, not frozen o Cryosphere: all the frozen parts – snow and ice parts o Lithosphere: all the rock bits o Biosphere: all the parts of earth where there is life Resources are slightly different than the environment: o Resources are more specific than the environment
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Unformatted text preview: Ie. trees, fish, minerals and petroleum, wheat, wildlife, oceans, rivers o Anthropocentric view: resources are useful for human population Difficult decision to make for intact ecosystems o Ecocentric view: resources have intrinsic value Also called biocentric or deep ecology A point of view that claims that intact ecosystems and resources have an intrinsic value, independent if they are useful to humans or not Many switch from the ecocentric view to an anthropocentric view • The problem is that people argue about the amounts and how much is useful • Difficult to protect something that does not have a use • Difficult to make everything useful...
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