Lecture 3- January 10th

Lecture 3- January 10th - Story and Stuff Movie The system...

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Story and Stuff Movie The system is under crisis: a linear system in a finite planet o This system is interacting with the real world: Interacting with society, culture and the environment Bumping against limits Cannot forget that people live around this system o Including: gov’t, corporations which are growing in size and power 1 st step of this system = extraction process o trashing the planet o chopping down trees, using up the water, wiping out the animals o there is a limit through: we are using too much of the resources o 1/3 of the natural resources have been consumed already o people are not just using too much but using more than their share 2 nd step of system= production o requires energy o 100,000 synthetic chemicals are being used today o brominated flame retardants using these toxic chemicals in production phase- which are toxic to our brain o resources are not only wasted along the way but people are also o 4 billion pounds of pollution is released by the US: so US tends to move their factories overseas to pollute other areas but due to wind currents that pollution is coming back! o The goal is to keep the prices down and keep inventory moving Externalizing costs: real costs of making things are not captured in price tag All along the system, other people pitched in and none of their contributions were
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Lecture 3- January 10th - Story and Stuff Movie The system...

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