Lecture 5- January 13th

Lecture 5- January 13th - January 13, 2012 Earth's Life...

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January 13, 2012 Earth’s Life Support System Environmental commissioners Federal: Scott Vaughn o Appointed by the government o Performs watchdog role Figures out where money is coming from, flowing to and into Figures out how the gov’t is performing within environment Whether the gov’t is making sustainable choices or not? o If not, goes to the House of Commons and addresses this concern that the gov’t is not making sustainable choices Provincial: Gord Miller – plays a watchdog role as well but at the provincial level o Determines how the provincial gov’t performs in terms of sustainability and whether they make sustainable choices Federal commissioner Part of the Auditor General’s office Administers environmental petitions o Example: citizen petitioned against how many federal offices keep their lights always on They plead your case Audits federal gov’ts performance on environmental issues Reports available online Federal commissioner reports Conclusion they drew from their study was that the gov’t has trouble and is struggling to enforce environmental protection regulations o Difficult enforcing their own regulations o Difficult to monitor their own regulations They believe they don’t have enough information Reports on oil sands: a lot of data missing o During environmental assessments: need to make predictions about what will happen with this project and what will happen to the area without this project Argued that a lot of data was missing for oil sand predictions. Ontario environmental commissioner Administers Environmental Registry Monitors gov’t compliance with environmental bill of rights o What is guaranteed in the bill of rights? Right to clean water Right to clean air
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Right to a clean/healthy environment Whistleblower protection: If someone hires you to do something morally incorrect or environmentally wrong: there is some protection under the bill of rights for you to complain against these companies o Ie. company asks their employee to dump oil into creek
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Lecture 5- January 13th - January 13, 2012 Earth's Life...

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