Lecture 8- January 20th

Lecture 8- January 20th - January 20, 2012 Planning and...

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January 20, 2012 Planning and Management People are part of environmental problems People come in when it comes to planning and management The most frustrating aspect of environmental planning and management: o When making decisions about the environment need to include more than just traditional decision makers but they need to include everyone This is a difficult principle to put in practice Acidity the most acidic rainfall was in the US: pH of 2.5 o where does the sulphur oxides and nitrogen oxides come from? Acid mine drainage: the problem with useful metals is that they are often associated with sulphur in rocks o when we mine these useful metals we have to melt the rocks: particularly in this smelting process- when the rock is separated from the metals during this process sulphur is released fossil fuel burning: o producing electricity by burning coal: common in the 60s and 70s Figure 1.0 US sulphur dioxide/nitrogen oxide emissions vs. Canada sulphur/nitrogen oxide emisions in 2004 Sulphur dioxide emissions in 2004 left side= American right side= Canadian there is a different distribution but the same players
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a big portion of the sulphur dioxide emissions in the US are from electric generating (burning of coal for electricity) big portion of the sulphur dioxide emissions in Canada is from industrial sources Nitrogen oxide emissions in 2004 cars plays the bigger role in nitrogen oxide emissions in US and Canada thus, cars are a major source of nitrogen oxide emissions whereas industrial and electric generating is common for sulphur dioxide emissions Acid deposition: 1980-1983 scale: kg of sulphate per hectares per year o how much sulphur is falling on land in entire year what is going on in and around the bull’s eye: o the bull’s eye was at 35 kg o the surrounding area is around 15-20: where there is not a lot of industrial activity o the acidity is caused by coal burning: coal was burnt to generate electricity in early 80s in US Acid deposition: 1996-2000 how did we do that?
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Lecture 8- January 20th - January 20, 2012 Planning and...

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