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1 - Applied Media Aesthetics is about clarification...

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Applied Media Aesthetics is about clarification, intensification and interpretation. The clip The Future of Snowboarding Competitions by Red Bull is a breathtaking teaser clip for the upcoming Supernatural Competition. The Red Bull videographers applied some brilliant media aesthetic techniques along with the narration of professional snowboarder Travis Rice to create a compelling preview for the upcoming event. The use of intensification and clarification are played upon most in this film to give the viewer a certain sense of immersion and suspense. The opening scene clarifies for the viewer that this event is a snow-based occasion through the use of stunning aerial shots of natural features (namely mountains and trees) covered in snow. Through the use of lulling strings playing in the background, the experience was intensified by capturing my immediate attention and giving a suspenseful feeling to the clip. This is when Travis Rice’s narration
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