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2 - the clip we are shown a boy walking down a hallway...

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15:28 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7edFefqsCE The clip I decided to use for this assignment is the music video my twin brother’s band recently released. Slow falloff is used throughout the introduction to highlight the members of the band and also to set a darker mood. As the clip continues, we can see the use of multiple camera lighting going into effect. Even though there are multiple cameras being used, the dark mood remains constant throughout the entirety of the clip. The aforementioned (slow) falloff is caused by the key and fill light, however we can also see the use of a background light. The key and fill lights used during the filming of this clip are known as soft light which produce diffused, directionless light. This type of lighting helps to create subtle shadows and produce the slow falloff effect. Through the duration of
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Unformatted text preview: the clip, we are shown a boy walking down a hallway towards a lit door. The use of chiaroscuro lighting here plays a directional function, serving to make the viewers eyes focus on the direction towards the door. This not only foreshadows an event occurring with the door, but also opens up room for the viewer to interpret the message however they please. Towards the end of the clip as the camera focus changes to highlight different members of the band, we can see some intentional flickering of the background lighting, which instantly provides an ominous feeling along with some controlled chaos. As the clip approaches an end, the door is opened and the boy falls out into a lit sea of hands. This move from chiaroscuro to outdoor natural lighting leaves the viewer with a lifted good-feel. 15:28...
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