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Everyday we perceive hundreds of different shades of colors, all of which have the power to subconsciously influence us and our emotions in specific ways. The aesthetic impact these colors have on our feelings is known as color energy. Intense colors such as reds, yellows, and oranges seem high energy and excite us; while on the other hand colors such as blue and green seem low energy and calm us down. A perfect example of how color energy has an impact on oneself is the decision making that goes into selecting a wardrobe each day. Each item is carefully picked out to collectively create an aesthetically pleasing combination of colors that complements each other. To take this example even further, the fashion industry thrives on the fact that color energy has the ability to convey such a range of feelings. When a designer is displaying their work at a
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Unformatted text preview: fashion show they must take into account the background colors, color area, and even the lighting; All which effect the impact the designs will have on their intended audience. If the designer doesn’t ensure all of these effects are in their respective intended parameters, they can change the outcome of the audience’s perception. For instance, if the background is too high energy, you run the risk of detracting attention from the foreground (subject). The ideal solution in this case would be to balance the high-energy foreground color with a low-energy background color; this would keep the audience’s focus on the subjects so that they can convey their intended message correctly....
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  • RGB color model, aesthetically pleasing combination, high-energy foreground color, respective intended parameters

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