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Pick a clip/picture of a movie, video, TV show or a picture (please provide the link too) and describe how you see either graphic, index OR motion vectors in the clip. Are there any continuing, converging or diverging vectors? Explain. In this clip from the movie Godzilla , we are introduced to a gloomy New York setting; the location for this scene is a fishing market at the harbor. As the scene moves forward, an old man approaches the docks to go fishing in this rainy weather. As he makes his way down the dock, he passes by two old men who begin presumably heckling him about fishing in the rain. He disregards these two men and sets up his gear at the end of the dock just before casting his line. The graphic vector, which is the dock, now focuses our attention directly ahead down the dock. Shortly after casting his line, he gets a bite and begins gloating to the two old men while pointing in the direction of his lure. His finger
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Unformatted text preview: pointing towards his line is an index vector; this lets the viewer know where the action is about to take place. As he struggles with his line, we see something emerge from the water a couple hundred yards out. As his line gets sucked into the water we see the look of concern and disbelief on his face. Our focus is redirected to the ocean where the subject in the water begins approaching at a rapid speed. This motion vector combined with the look of terror on the old mans face leads for a compelling feeling of fright. The motion vector continues, approaching the screen head-on. We now get a feeling for the size and speed of the approaching subject. The two old men in the back chime in with disbelief as the creature reaches the dock and begins destroying it. The old fisherman makes it off the dock just as the motion vector(Godzilla) reaches the shore....
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