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Time in TV and film is conveyed through what we call a horizontal time vector. Event density refers to the number of event details that occur within a brief period of clock time. Event intensity refers to the specific energy an event seems to carry. For instance, a speeding car will carry more energy than a slow car passing by. The third concept in which time direction is conveyed is known as experience intensity, which is defined as the number of relevant experiences we go through either simultaneously or in rapid succession and the depth/impact such events have on us. The Formula 1 clip I found conveys event density, event intensity and experience intensity throughout the entirety of
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Unformatted text preview: this clip. This high-energy event is extremely dense due to the amount of event details that are shown throughout this clip. Just in the first couple frames, the clip exhibits the crowd, the drivers, the race, and even the location. The event intensity here is also equally powerful. The formula 1 cars alone exert an immense amount of intensity in this clip; the reactions of the crowd and the drivers are also an intense event. The experience intensity of this clip is also pretty significant since I have been to a formula 1 race before, so the experience is relevant to my interests and past experiences. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzbo0KaqQsQ...
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