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Think in term of motion. Why would you choose slow motion versus accelerated motion? Give me an example. Please be specific (scenario, characters, action, etc) As an audience, we perceive motion when something changes its position more or less continuously when compared to a stable environment. Whether you see motion, you automatically establish a frame of reference by which you judge the direction of the vector and its relative speed; this established a figure/ground relationship. This perceived speed refers to how fast or slowly we sense something to move on-screen. When creating media, the producer has the ability to create low and accelerated motion sequences to structure objective and subjective time. Slow motion has the ability to give a “close-up in time” effect, whereas accelerated motion can rush us through time and speed up the present. Sometimes it is more beneficial to choose slow motion over accelerated motion when trying to convey a certain emotion, however it is not uncommon for both motions
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Unformatted text preview: to be used in the same film. Aesthetically, slow motion has an effect on gravity, which makes objects appear weightless. This is useful for dramatic sequences where it is intended that the viewer see more details, for instance seeing how close a punch is in a fight scene. Slow motion is extremely useful in situations where a man and a woman are reuniting after an extended period of absence. This illusion makes the individuals appear to move slower towards each other, meanwhile building the suspense of their approach. The opposite of slow motion is Accelerated motion, which shows objects moving faster than normal, but also more erratic and jumpy. Accelerated motion has a tendency to be used as a comedic agent, however it is also used effectively outside of this application. Accelerate motion is great for exaggerating the speed of chase scenes and the intensity of dramatic action scenes....
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