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HW_05SimulationProgrammingAndHwk06GIS 2011

HW_05SimulationProgrammingAndHwk06GIS 2011 - ORIE 3120...

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1 ORIE 3120: Industrial Data and Systems Analysis Spring 2011 Homework #5 and #6 Due Date: 3/9/11 (Wednesday) 2 p.m. Rhodes Hall Course Dropbox 1. Discrete Event Simulation Programming (20 points) This is a continuation of the Cookie problem from the previous homework. Modify the spreadsheet SimplifiedCookie2010.xls to implement a solution to the Cookie problem. A solution to the previous homework will be posted on the website before this weekend. Note that the posted solution uses an event cancellation arc. This was not required for full credit on homework #4 but will be necessary for your simulation to work correctly. You may program your solution from last week, the posted solution, or a new solution if you think of one. You will need to modify the graph on Sheet1, the range names on Sheet1 (menu Formulas>Name Manager), and much of the Visual Basic code in ModuleUser, including the OutputVariables function. Note: when creating or modifying the event graph in MS Excel do not copy and paste nodes. Create a fresh autoshape for each node in the graph. The reason is that the names of the nodes (“Oval 102”, “Autoshape 101” etc.) must be unique for the graph
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