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1 ORIE 3120: Industrial Data and Systems Analysis Spring 2011 Homework #7 Due Date: 3/16/11 noon. Rhodes Hall Course Dropbox This assignment is based on the lecture notes “Aggregate Production Planning” and the tutorial on Visual Basic Programming. It assumes you have completed all steps of the tutorial. The intent of the assignment is to change the problem slightly, forcing you to redo some, but not all, steps of the application development exercise. Digital Dropbox In addition to the printed portions required below, please submit a text file that includes all of your new queries, with query names, and your Visual Basic code. Name the file “HW07_LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_NETID.txt” where LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME, and NETID are your last name, first name, and netid, respectively 1. Revised Definition of Safety Stock (10 points) In the application development, safety stock was computed at a part level basis by computing the standard deviation of monthly sales of the product and multiplying it by a management factor. The safety stock for the parts was then aggregated (summed) over all parts assigned to a particular production line to get the total safety stock requirements for the line. That was the safety stock figure used in the production planning algorithm. Another way to approach safety stock is to first aggregate monthly sales by line and then to compute mean and standard deviation from the historical data. Now, multiply the standard deviation of monthly line sales by a management factor to get the monthly safety stock requirements of the line. a. Revise the initial queries to compute safety stock in this way. This should affect only the first three queries (Q010, Q020, and Q030). If you are careful to make the new version of Q030 to have the same name and fields as the old version, you
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HW_07AggregateProductionPlanning2011 - ORIE 3120:...

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