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1 1/24/2011 ORIE 3120 Industrial Data and Systems Analysis Spring 2011 January 12, 2011 Faculty Prof. Peter Jackson (Instructor: Weeks 1-9.5) Operations Research and Information Engineering 218 Rhodes Hall 607-255-9122 [email protected] Office Hours Spring 2011: T, Th. 1:30 -2:30 pm Prof. Peter Frazier (Instructor: Weeks 9.5-14) School of Operations Research and Information Engineering 232 Rhodes Hall 607- 254-5243 [email protected] http://people.orie.cornell.edu/pfrazier/ Office Hours Spring 2011: M 1:30-2:30, Th 3:00 -4:00 pm Class Schedule Lectures in Olin 255 T, Th. 11:40 am. –12:55 pm. Recitations in Rhodes 471 W 2:30pm-4:25 pm F 12:20pm-2:15pm F 2:30pm-4:25 pm Teaching Assistants TBA Office hours for T.A.’s are in Rhodes 431. Course Description Database and statistical techniques for data mining, graphical display, and predictive analysis in the context of industrial systems (manufacturing and distribution). Database techniques include structured query language (SQL), procedural event-based programming (Visual Basic), and geographical information systems (GIS). Statistical techniques include multiple linear regression, classification, logistic regression, clustering, and time series forecasting. Industrial systems analysis includes factory scheduling and simulation, materials planning, inventory planning, and lean manufacturing. Course Credits: 4 Prerequisites: ENGRD 2700
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2 1/24/2011 Resources A reading packet is available in the Campus Store. The course package is for weeks 1— 9.5 only. Web Page: The course website accessible through http://blackboard.cornell.edu/ . Administrative announcements, lecture notes, homework assignments and grades will be posted on the course web page. Please make an effort to check the web page every other day. All course materials for weeks 9.5—14 will be on Blackboard. Course Requirements Weekly Homework and Lab Assignments 20%, Attendance and participation 5%, Exam-I 25%, Exam-II 25%, Final Examination 25%. Homework Submission Homeworks are due on Wednesdays at noon in the course dropbox on the second floor of Rhodes Hall near the Grumman Hall entrance. Homeworks not received using this mechanism will be penalized at least 20%, unless you have made special arrangements with your teaching assistant. (Late homeworks severely disrupt the grading process.) Homeworks not received within one week of the due date will not be graded. Some homeworks require electronic submissions through the Blackboard course management system. These also are due by noon on Wednesdays. Homeworks must be labeled with your net id and section number to ensure prompt recording of your grade and efficient return to you in recitation. Medical reasons, with documentation, are accepted as excuses for late homework. Job
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ORIE3120SyllabusS2011v2 - ORIE 3120 Industrial Data and...

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