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more prelim practice

more prelim practice - OR 4350 Game Theory Prof Bland These...

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OR 4350 Game Theory February 24, 2011 Prof. Bland These problems are intended to provide practice for Prelim 1. In class on 2/24 you should work these problems. In your next recitation you will get an opportunity to talk through them with a student partner, and to discuss them with your TA. You should not limit your prelim preparation to just these problems and the topics they represent. You will be responsible on the prelim for all material from lectures, recitations, assigned reading, homeworks as of 3p.m. on 2/22/11. 1. Consider the following 2-person game. First, player I chooses L or R and announces his choice to player II. Then player II chooses l or r . If I chooses L and II chooses l , the outcome is ( W 1 , D 2 ); if L and r , ( L 1 , L 2 ); if R and l , ( L 1 , L 2 ) and if R and r , ( D 1 , W 2 ). Here W 1 1 D 1 1 L 1 and W 2 2 D 2 2 L 2 . (a) Give the extensive form of this game. Be sure to mark all branches, out- comes, and information sets. (b) How may pure strategies does I have? List them. How may pure strategies does II have? List them.
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