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Written Assignment 3 Raymond Milek 10/14/2011 ENC-102 October 2011 Semester The topic of my research paper, which I am submitting for your approval, is “Opiate abuse, recidivism, and modern treatment methods”. I have a great interest in this topic, not only because of my decade long battle with heroin and other narcotics, but also because being on the other side of active addiction, I would like to help other addicts. Now that I am no longer using heroin and other highly addictive narcotics, I think that the least I could do is inform those who see no way out. I have run the entire gamut of detoxification methods, treatment methods, and methods of abstinence, and I have finally found a method that works. I feel that if I can reach just one suffering individual, then I will have done some good in the world of addiction. As I stated in the introductory paragraph, the audience I intend to reach is active, and potential, addicts. The latter statement does not mean that I only hope to reach substance abusers. There is an awful stigma put on those, like myself, that
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WrittenAssignment3_ENC-102_RaymondMilek - Written...

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