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Raymond Milek SID#0483682 11/6/2011 ENC-102 Thomas Edison State College October, 2011 Semester Written Assignment 5 Thesis Statement and Essay Blueprint Many nations all over the world have decriminalized and maintained the use of illicit drugs by their addicted citizens, an action the United States must consider. The tolerance and controlled usage of drugs has lowered the crime rates in these participating nations to a level of almost non-existence, as opposed to the prison system in our country, which has a population of around 2 million inmates—more than the entire world combined—with an estimated 85% of those 2 million inmates incarcerated for drug related crimes. 1. Compare our nation’s drug related crime to that of other nations with drug tolerance. A. The possibility of crime reduction by legalizing and monitoring drugs 1. theft levels 2. robberies and burglaries 3. prostitution 4. drug dealing B. Money saved by the lack of inmates to house 1. cost per inmate 2. cost of hiring police and corrections staff 3. cost to prosecute and penalize addicts 1
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