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Raymond Milek SID#0483682 11/8/2011 ENC-102 Thomas Edison State College October, 2011 Semester Written Assignment 6 For centuries, citizens around the world have been indulging in the pleasure of cigarettes, and other forms of tobacco. Throughout the 20 th century, to the present day, many people have tried to hold tobacco companies liable for the deaths and illnesses caused by the use of tobacco— some with success, and some without. The fact remains that smokers are now (more than ever) aware of the effects of tobacco use before they ever pick up their first tobacco product (medicalxpess.com), which is why tobacco companies should bear none of the burden for illness and death related to their products. If you know something is harmful for you, and you choose to indulge in the substance anyway, there should be nobody to point the finger at except one’s self. There are many cases and examples where the families of individuals that ended up as casualties of tobacco use have tried to go after tobacco companies for monetary compensation. As a tobacco user myself, I do not see the reasoning or justification behind these actions. Present-day Americans know the dangers of tobacco. If one is a tobacco user, then they know that every individual tobacco product sold has a warning by the U.S. Surgeon General. These warnings vary from the dangers tobacco can cause to a fetus during pregnancy, the risk of various cancers, and even death. The U.S. also has many non-profit organizations, which are nationally advertised, varying from dedication to the awareness of tobacco’s harmful effects, to 1
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ways to stop using addictive tobacco products (Wales, 6/11/2011). The World Health Organization (also known as WHO) has gone so far as to organize an international “World No Tobacco Day”, which was created in 1987, and is recognized every year on May 31(Wales, 6/11/ 2011). The American Cancer Society has been holding what is known as the “Great American Smokeout”, since 1977 (Wales, 6/11/2011). The “Smokeout” is held on the third Thursday of November, and is a 24 hour challenge to an estimated 45.8 million American smokers to stop smoking for a day (Wales, 6/11/2011). With all of these organizations dedicating days, advertisements, campaigns, public service announcements, and more, it is virtually impossible
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WrittenAssignment6_ENC-102_RaymondMilek - Raymond Milek...

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