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Raymond Milek SID#0483682 11/17/2011 English Composition 2 ENC-102-OL Thomas Edison State College October, 2011 Semester Written Assignment 7 Heroin and other drug dependencies are major health and criminal problems in the United States. This was—and still partially remains—the case in many European nations, as well. * There have been decriminalizations of drugs and use of heroin maintenance programs in European that have had both negative and positive effects on crime, addiction, and health, all while the U.S. continues to have these problems on larger scales, despite of the fact, or because, they are not a participant. The success of the decriminalization and heroin programs is debatable; the United States, however, is not one of the countries even considering looking into the possibility of such action. There are benefits to be gained from the program, such as the reduced health risks brought on by needle exchange programs and doctor prescribed and administered use of heroin. Crime and the increased number of addicts seem to be the down-side
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WrittenAssignment7_ENC-102_RaymondMilek - Raymond Milek...

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