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Written Assignment 1 by Raymond Milek The profession of sports journalism has been greatly affected in the past several years by the constant and rapid changes in technology. One does not have to know much about the practice of journalism to surmise that all of the new communication technology being developed is a useful tool to the writer, reporter, or any other type of journalist. Every few months it seems as if a new, highly advanced piece of communication equipment is being introduced in the sales market. Interaction between people no longer requires that they be together in the same place, or even at the same time, in order to communicate with one another. The world of technology does not seem to be slowing down, and with its growth, communication and journalism, sports journalism, specifically, are becoming a matter of monitors and buttons to push, contrary to the now outdated traditional means of interacting and reporting: face to face, and live on camera. In the early part of the new millennium, cellular phones and the internet were devices that were not common to the average man. The world of journalism has been taken by storm in the decade since then. I had seen the way people were receiving their news in the early part of the last decade. News, especially sporting news, was conveyed only when news broadcasts were
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