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Raymond Milek SID#0483682 11/15/2011 Living in the Information Age SOS-110 Thomas Edison State College October, 2011 Semester Written Assignment 4 (midterm) I graduated high school in 2000. After high school, I planned to go straight to college, but by the end of the summer I had decided to take a one year break in school to work and save money. That one year break turned out to be 11 years! With Web 2.0 and the rise of Education 2.0 I was able to finally fulfill my goal of going to college. The internet has allowed me the convenience and access to college that was not available when I initially graduated high school. Thanks to online education, I am finally on my way to achieving goals that I never believed would be attainable. As an adolescent, I knew I had a talent when it came to mathematics. I had always wanted to play sports (professionally), but certain choices I made in my life caused those goals and dreams to be voided. When it was finally time to decide on a college major—after high school—I was certain that I wanted to do something involving numbers, possibly accounting. Since I did not actually attend college when I had originally planned, I had a completely different outlook on what I wanted to do with my future. During the decade break between high school and 1
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WrittenAssignment4(midterm)_SOS-110_RaymondMilek - Raymond...

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