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1 Raymond Milek SID#0483682 12/2/2011 Living in the Information Age SOS-110 Thomas Edison State College October, 2011 Semester Written Assignment 5/Topic 2 The advantages, disadvantages, and impact of electronic voting systems seem to bear more significance as we head further into the age of technology. Unlike elections of the past, the ability to vote electronically would makes calculations, counting of votes, and the elimination of human error or intentional alterations much simpler. Our country has had discrepancies with voting and elections many times, most notably and recently the 2000 Presidential election in Florida, where there was a debate over possible altering of the vote count to make President George Bush the winner of the election. Would electronic voting eradicate all of the problems of manual, human tallied voting systems? Until we actually begin using this system, there will be no way to find out. We can, however, explore the ways electronic voting helps and hurts the traditional election process, and whether or not it would be an effective and useful means of voting. The advantages of electronic voting in an official election are virtually unknown. In our American voting system we have been more reliant on traditional ballots than on the electronic voting process. “Internet or "I-voting" — the use of the Internet to cast a legally binding vote in an election to political office”—has been a highly debated voting procedure that had its most notable experiment in the 2000 Arizona Democratic Primary election (Gibson). There is another much more popular means of electronic voting, which is E-voting. E-voting is your traditional
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WrittenAssignment5_SOS-110_RaymondMilek - 1 Raymond Milek...

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