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1 Raymond Milek SID#0483682 12/11/2011 Living in the Information Age SOS-110 Thomas Edison State College October, 2011 Semester Written Assignment 6 The past decade has been one of great advancement in some aspects, but also of great regression in others. While modern technology has taken us far beyond what could have ever been expected (just 20 years ago), our economy and the Earth’s climate have suffered setbacks and taken damaging blows that are seemingly beyond repair. The great question is now what will the next decade or two hold for us as a civilization? There are many theories and ideas about society as a whole, but what about us as individuals and our families? The economy was in great shape during the 1990’s and the early part of the new millennium. Many economists say that if one wants to assess the state of the current economy, a good way to do so is by looking at the value of gold. In 2001, the price of one troy ounce of gold was slightly over $200.00. That number is in far contrast to the record breaking numbers of 2011, where gold almost reached $1,900.00 per troy ounce. What does that say about the difference in economic states of the two periods? One idea I have heard continually is that during the Clinton Administration, our economy was in great shape. The Bush Administration did the opposite. It seems that one invariable tactic of Republican presidents is trickle-down economics,
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WrittenAssignment6_SOS-110_RaymondMilek - 1 Raymond Milek...

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