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Thomas Edison State College Raymond Milek SID#0483682 2/26/2012 PSY-379 Social Psychology January, 2012 Semester Written Assignment 4 B. Discuss why you either agree or disagree with Shoba Narayan (204-207) on the potential benefits of an arranged marriage. Reading Narayan’s article (Miserandino, 204-207) about her arranged marriage caused me to look at the phenomenon in an entirely different light. I had always thought the idea of arranged marriage to be one of strictly Eastern culture and one of people who wished to keep their own kind together. I personally know several individuals whom had been forced to marry under the strict arranged guidelines of their culture. Most of the individuals married by arrangement were either unhappy or looking for a way out (some more “Americanized” individuals did manage to divorce). I have also known people (and heard stories about people from olden-times) who, once married, were not allowed to divorce, and, if they did so, would be disowned by their families and never allowed to come back to the family home. Growing up in such a free society as I have, all of this strictness toward marriage seemed like nonsense to me. I have ambivalence, like Narayan, about whether or not there can be benefits to an arranged marriage, as she, herself, seemed unsure about whether arranged marriage could actually work for those of us from Western civilization. By her own admission, Narayan says that most the friends she knows that have been forced into arranged marriage were sometimes
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WrittenAssignment4_PSY-379_RaymondMilek - Thomas Edison...

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