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Thomas Edison State College Raymond Milek SID#0483682 3/1/2012 PSY-379, Social Psychology Dr. Thomas Vail January, 2012 Semester Written Assignment 5 The Strange Case of Matthew Buford When Matthew Buford decided to end his life on earth he chose to jump from a bridge in Fairmont Park, Philadelphia. Fortunately for him this bridge spans the river near a fire station in the "City of Brotherly Love." Help was on the scene not long after Buford climbed the trellis and peered into the brackish water. Unfortunately when the rescue team arrived they did little more than try to talk the victim down. Now it was a nice day and many bystanders watched the action in the park and wondered why the police and fire rescuers did little more than act like bystanders themselves. There were two in the crowd though that took immediate corrective action. One who acted immediately was an off-duty videographer for a local television station who happened by with a camera. What happened next was seen by millions on television around the world. The other bystander was Garrett Couples, a medical student and experienced ocean lifeguard. Couples assessed the nonverbal cues of the victim and predicted he was going to jump. "If he goes in I'm going in after him," Couples told his fiancée, who was with him in the park. Buford jumped from the bridge into the water shortly thereafter and Couples jumped in after him. He even administered mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Buford while in the water. Later when Couples had delivered the victim to shore and a waiting ambulance he
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WrittenAssignment5_PSY-379_RaymondMilek - Thomas Edison...

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