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Operating Systems CSCI 5806 Term Project – accessing ext2 filesystems Goal Design a set of programs to copy files between a Windows filesystem and a Linux ext2 filesystem, and to display directory contents of an ext2 filesystem. Details The Linux ext2 filesystem is a basic implementation of the UNIX SysV filesystem, with no journaling (ext3 and ext4 filesystems add journaling capabilities). Your software will work with an ext2 filesystem contained within a Windows file (also known as filesystem-in-a-file, or loopback filesystem). Each of the programs in your project should take the name of the loopback file as the first command- line parameter. One program in your project must copy a file from the ext2 filesystem to a Windows location specified on the command line. A second program must copy files in the opposite direction (from Windows to ext2). A third program should take a directory in the ext2 filesystem and list all files in the system.
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Unformatted text preview: Grading For a passing grade (70%), your program must correctly copy files from ext2 to Windows without corrupting either filesystem, and display directory contents from the ext2 filesystem. For an A grade (90%), your program must also write to an ext2 filesystem in addition to the above requirements. Written files must be readable from Linux. For full credit (100%), your program must do the above requirements; in addition, copying files into ext2 should be done cleanly (i.e., it should not cause issues with Linux’ fsck). For 5% extra credit, have the directory list program provide the same information as a UNIX long listing (e.g., ls –l). You do not need to convert UID or GID to a user name. What to turn in Turn in all of your source code and any necessary auxiliary files (e.g., a Makefile)....
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