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Renewal and Restoration Multiple Choice Questions 1. Most young adults have a circadian rhythm that tells them to fall asleep _______ in the evening and to wake up ______ in the morning than older adults. A. earlier; later B. later; earlier C. earlier; earlier D. later; later 2. Which of the following statements about the association between sleep and health is FALSE? A. Natural immune system moderators increase during deep sleep to promote resistance to viral infections. B. Growth and repair of the body’s tissues occurs during sleep, which helps to prevent certain types of cancer. C. Sleep deprivation and sleep disorders are associated with heart attacks, asthma, and obesity. D. Good nutrition and exercise are more important to a healthy lifestyle than sleep is. 3. Which of the following is NOT an effect of sleep deprivation? A. low anger threshold B. low blood sugar C. nervousness D. reduced motivation 4. Light alerts the biological clock to cease secreting which hormone that promotes sleep? A. epinephrine B. corticoids C. progesterone D. melatonin 5. The human brain cycles into two main states of sleep. They include A. beta brain waves and alpha brain waves. B. shallow sleep and deep sleep. C. stage one and stage two. D. NREM sleep and REM sleep. 6. A sensation of falling and jerking awake for a moment as muscles relax is associated with which kind of sleep? A. NREM sleep B. rebound sleep C. REM sleep D. paradoxical sleep 7. Stage _____ of NREM sleep represents the beginning of actual sleep. A.
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Q_Ch_5 - Chapter 5 Sleep Renewal and Restoration Multiple...

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