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MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1)When Thomas Hunt Morgan crossed his red-eyed F1 generation flies to each other, the F2 generation included both red- and white-eyed flies. Remarkably, all the white-eyed flies were male. What was the explanation for this result? 1) _______ A)Other male-specific factors influence eye color in flies. B)The gene involved is on an autosome. C)The gene involved is on the X chromosome. D)The gene involved is on the Y chromosome. E)Other female-specific factors influence eye color in flies. 2)Calico cats are female because 2) _______ A)the males die during embryonic development. B)multiple crossovers on the Y chromosome prevent orange pigment production. C)the Y chromosome has a gene blocking orange coloration. D)a male inherits only one of the two X-linked genes controlling hair color. E)only females can have Barr bodies. 3)In 1956 Tijo and Levan first successfully counted human chromosomes. The reason it would have taken so many years to have done so would have included all but which of the following? 3) _______ A)A method had not yet been devised to halt mitosis at metaphase. B)Chromosomes were not distinguishable during interphase. C)Watson and Crick's structure of DNA was not done until 1953. D)Chromosomes were piled up on top of one another in the nucleus. 4)Sex determination in mammals is due to the SRY region of the Y chromosome. An abnormality could allow which of the following to have a male phenotype? 4) _______ A)Translocation of SRY to an autosome of a 46, XX individual B)Turner syndrome, 45, X C)A person with one normal and one shortened (deleted) X D)A person with too many X chromosomes E)Down syndrome, 46, XX 5)What is the chromosomal system for determining sex in mammals? 5) _______ A)X-Y B)X-0 C)Haploid-diploid D)X-X E)Z-W 6)One possible result of chromosomal breakage is for a fragment to join a nonhomologous chromosome. What is this alteration called? 6) _______ A)Duplication B)Deletion C)Translocation D)Disjunction E)Inversion 7)Red-green color blindness is a sex-linked recessive trait in humans. Two people with normal color vision have a color-blind son. What are the genotypes of the parents? 7) _______ A)XCXc and XCY B)XcXc and XcY
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C)XCXC and XcY D)XcXc and XCY E)XCXC and XCY 8)What does a frequency of recombination of 50% indicate? 8) _______ A)The genes are located on sex chromosomes. B)The two genes are likely to be located on different chromosomes. C)Abnormal meiosis has occurred. D)Independent assortment is hindered. E)All of the offspring have combinations of traits that match one of the two parents. 9)Morgan and his colleagues worked out a set of symbols to represent fly genotypes. Which of the following are representative? 9) _______ A)+2 × +3 B) vg+vgse+se × vgvgsese C)AaBb × AaBb D) 46, XY or 46, XX 10)New combinations of linked genes are due to which of the following? 10) ______ A)Nondisjunction B)Mixing of sperm and egg
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ch15practiceMULTIPLECHOICE - MULTIPLE CHOICE Choose the one...

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