I was very skeptical and slightly nervous on the drive there

I was very skeptical and slightly nervous on the drive...

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Unformatted text preview: Ryan Schaefer Eng 101 Final The New Age In a New Light I was very skeptical and slightly nervous on the drive there. I ran nearly all the possible hypothetical situations I could imagine in my mind. My imagination flashed pictures of possessed people in eccentric clothing accompanied with crystal balls and tarot cards. On Scottsdale Road, I noticed my destination, and a building with huge neon letters. I parked the car in front of the Metaphysical Bookstore and re-opened my narrowing mind. As I pushed through the doors an aroma of hundreds of incense enchanted my nose. The room was feng shuied into a flowing circle. Crystals were hanging from the ceiling and displayed in every corner. I gravitated toward a table with a very ordinary lady occupying it. With Buddha bellies pointing at me, I once again realized how mundane the lady in front of me looked. This was how the beginning of my new found realization started. When I pushed the same doors for the second time as I exited the building, my mind had given birth to a completely new realization . I adopted this infantile idea that the New Agers function is to provide a way of life that is vastly more spiritual and less organized to those people who found their former belief system as insignificant or fallacious. My idea soon grew into the realization Ryan Schaefer Eng 101 Final that, in my personal experience and research, the general view and elementary understanding of the new agers is a misconception. This falsely projected image of con-artist psychics and witches is mainly due to an ignorance and lack of education, influenced by the media. I was initially narrow-minded and overwhelmed by all the foreign rituals and beliefs of this New Age Movement until I sat down with, gifted local, Lori Jae and her mentor-like friend, John Sackett. She sat, legs crossed, at a small table wearing black pants, a midnight blue blouse and a purple knit sweater that was neatly tied around her neck. She reached for her black cat-eyed glasses, which had glimmering crescent moons on the corners and centered her crystal necklace. Sackett resembled Paul Bunion, with his plaid button up shirt and his average Joe jeans. The two of them appeared normal to me....
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I was very skeptical and slightly nervous on the drive...

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