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Gwendolyn Day Imagine growing up without bread and milk. I did. Since birth, I was allergic to milk, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, pollen, grass, and latex. Having these severe allergies made going to school an issue for me. What if a child had eaten a peanut butter sandwich in the lunch before mine and had touched the table, then I touched the table and touch my mouth unconsciously? My lips would swell up, my stomach would begin to hurt, and even worse, my throat would begin to tighten and close up from the allergic reaction. That little touch could have killed me. My childhood was very difficult for me because of my peanut allergy. I always had to worry about who had touched what I was about to touch or what everyone around me was eating. In elementary school, I had to sit in one seat that the lunch lady had made sure no one else sat in and had been wiped down before I sat down. It was very lonely at times because if my friends had packed peanut butter, they had to sit on the other end of the table. In middle school, there was nothing like what there was in elementary school. There was
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