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diversity essa - Kayla Davis The United States of...

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Kayla Davis The United States of America…our home, our comfort zone, and the land that proudly represents the power-driven waves of red, white, and blue on our American flag. Not only is it a symbol of freedom, our flag is also the core of diversity. Red represents the different cultures and languages that are vibrant and still used to this day. White and blue represent the melting pot of different nationalities that come together to unite as one in race relations and economic goals to achieve greatness. We promote diversity by not being closed minded, but by being tolerant and understanding of the differences that arise from different nationalities and cultures, languages, backgrounds, race, religion and social standings that all combine to make us wonderful and unique. The definition of diversity can be explained so many different ways. However, I believe that ‘diversity’ means more than just acknowledging difference. Diversity includes knowing how to relate to those qualities and conditions that are different from our own and outside the groups.
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