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first financial

first financial - With myself being the oldest of eight...

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My aspirations are to graduate college with a bachelor's degree in Biology and attend veterinary school. I want to be a veterinarian that travels around Kentucky to the rural farms all over the state. While at these farms, I will provide veterinary services like birthing calves, vaccinations, and every thing else that the farmer may need. This will help relieve some burden farmers face today because of the economic recession, since I will perform these services at lower costs and the farmers will not have to pay transportation bills. Receiving this scholarship will relieve some of my financial burden I face in paying for college.
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Unformatted text preview: With myself being the oldest of eight children in my family, my family cannot support me by any means in paying for college so I have to pay for my post-secondary education alone. This scholarship will reduce the amount of student loans I will have. The fewer student loans I have, the more I am able to pay for veterinary school, which is not cheap. I am extremely grateful for any financial help I receive because it means my future is all that brighter. I can attend college and get an excellent education without having to worry about too many financial woes. Thank you for your consideration in receiving this scholarship....
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