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Gwendolyn Day's scholarship essay

Gwendolyn Day's scholarship essay - Gwendolyn Day Without...

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Gwendolyn Day Without out my education, I would not be who I am today. Today I am a senior, ready to graduate and attend college in the fall. Because I have had a high school education, I am beyond prepared for a post-secondary education. My high school education has made me a better student and a better person. Throughout my four years in high school, I have taken eight Advanced Placement (AP) classes: Human Geography, European History, English Language, English Literature, Biology, Calculus AB, and German. These AP classes have made me a better student. I have learned new study skills, gained a broader range of knowledge, and made friends with students who are like me. New study skills have improved my learning. In making new friends who have similar interests but also are diverse, I am able to appreciate diversity much more. Two classes stand out, that I have taken, which have molded me. They are veterinary science and German. Through taking veterinary science, I have discovered my love for animals. After discovering this love, I began focusing my college major choices around becoming a veterinarian.
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