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page 4 otr - wanderings together Past Gregoria they have...

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Major Works Data Sheet Page 4 110 Setting America and Mexico in the 1940s and 1950s, specifically New York, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, and Mexico City The temporal setting is a post World War II America, a time that Sal and his friends find full of intellectual falsity (read: the arty types "sucking up the blood of America") and in fact rather aimless. There is a need to go, to be, to do something, but this Beat Generation, defined by its time and circumstance (i.e., the setting), doesn’t know where or how to channel that energy. Significance of the opening scene Describes how Sal and Dean become friends, ultimately beginning all the journeys. It give a background of Sal and introduces many characters that are significant to the plot. Symbols See next page Significance of the ending/closing scene Mexico City is the end of Sal and Dean's restless
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Unformatted text preview: wanderings together. Past Gregoria, they have gotten out of their element. They no longer feel an all- embracing humanity with the people they see, but discomfort and difference. The dream and romance of the road has gone and been replaced with something deeper, darker and more complex. Dean doesn't stick around for that, and leaves Sal sick in Mexico City, making Sal realize once and for all the limits of their friendship. In the end, their positions have changed. Sal is strong, confident, in love, and Dean is incoherent and lost. Still, he loves Dean. Dean is the falling star Sal was chasing; Sal will always remember and value the star at its apex, when it presided over a whole world. Possible Themes See page after symbols Old AP Questions...
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