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Plot Summary otr - Plot Summary The two main characters of...

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Plot Summary The two main characters of the book are the narrator, Salvatore “Sal” Paradise and his new friend Dean Moriarty, much admired for his care-free attitude and sense for adventure, a free-spirited maverick eager to explore all kicks, and an inspiration and catalyst for Sal’s travels. The novel contains five parts, three of them describing, each: a road trip from New York to the West Coast; one to Mexico; and the last part relating their final encounter when Dean comes to visit Sal in New York. During their trip and searches, they change and their relationship changes. The narrative takes place in the years 1947 to 1950, and is full of Americana and marks a specific era in jazz history , “somewhere between its Charlie Parker Ornithology period and another period that began with Miles Davis .” The novel is largely autobiographical, Sal being the alter ego of the author, and Dean standing for Neal Cassady . Part One Sal has just been divorced and gotten over an illness. His life changes when he meets Dean Moriarty, who is "tremendously excited with life." As he says, “with the coming of Dean Moriarty began the part of my life you could call my life on the road”. Dean is “a side-burned hero of the snowy West” visiting New York with Marylou, his first wife. After having been thrown out by her he visits Sal who is living with his aunt in Paterson, New Jersey, wanting to learn “how to write”. In New York Dean meets an eclectic group of people, among them Carlo Marx, the poet. Sal describes their meeting as between “the holy con-man with the shining mind [Dean], and the sorrowful poetic con- man with the dark mind that is Carlo Marx." Carlo and Dean share stories about their friends and adventures around the country, and Sal gets the itch. After Dean’s departure, Sal is ready to go: ”Somewhere along the line I knew there would be girls, visions, everything; somewhere along the line the pearl would be handed to me.” Invited by Remi Boncoeur from San Francisco, Sal sets off in July 1947 with fifty dollars in his pocket. A false start leads him to Bear Mountain and Newburgh, and after his return to New York, he spends half his money taking the bus to Chicago. Mostly hitchhiking, he moves further west to Denver, meeting interesting characters along the way, such as Mississippi Gene and Montana Slim. In Denver, Sal hooks up with Carlo Marx, Dean, and their friends.
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Plot Summary otr - Plot Summary The two main characters of...

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