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Appendix F US/101 Version 5 1 Associate Level Material Appendix F Reading Strategies Worksheet Identify two reading goals, one short-term and one long-term. Long-term reading goal: To be able to comprehend and retain what I am reading. Short-term reading goal: To be able to accurately skim through what I am reading to determine what is important before I read. Write a 100- to 150-word response to each of the following questions: How do you currently approach the weekly readings in the course? Before I read this chapter I would just sit down and read the assigned chapter from start to finish. I wouldn’t skim over it first to see what it was about or what seemed important in the chapter. I didn’t do any highlighting or marking at all. As I would read the assignment I would make notes in a notebook and write down on paper what I thought was important and may need to go back to later. Making notes is something I have always done and helps me to retain what I am reading as a way of repeating what I just read.
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