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Intro to Univ studies (Annajane Schnapp) Week 4 DQ 2 How might you apply each of the four steps in the textbook reading system, described in Ch. 7 of the text, to reading electronic materials? You can easily adapt each of the four steps in the textbook reading system to reading electronic materials. First is previewing. When you are previewing you first look at the title of what you are reading and determine what you already know about the topic. Then you would look through the introduction paragraphs and summaries, check how many pages there are in total, and determine how long it will take you to read it. This is the same with electronic materials as it would be with a regular textbook. The next step is marking. It is important to first read and think before you mark to ensure you are only marking what is relevant or important. If you are reading a textbook in PDF format it is easy to select and highlight as well as search for specific terms, making is a little easier than reading a regular
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Unformatted text preview: textbook. I find taking notes helpful as well. I am able to retain what I am reading if I am writing it down. When I make notes I pay attention to anything that is in bold or italic, and the first and last sentences in a paragraph. The 3rd step is reading with concentration. Just like you would with a regular textbook, you have to read and comprehend an electronic textbook. It is important to remove distractions before sitting down to study. If you are having trouble concentrating even without distractions try reading in short blocks of time and getting up and taking a short walk and coming back to the text. Also, make sure you utilize the glossary or use a dictionary to look up terms or words you aren't familiar with. The last step is reviewing. You cannot just read a chapter once and expect to remember everything you read. This step is where you are utilizing the notes you made and marks in your textbook to review what you are reading once a week....
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