Univ of Phoenix Orientation Week 1 DQ 2

Univ of Phoenix Orientation Week 1 DQ 2 - computers in the...

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Week 1 DQ 2 There are many benefits to attending class online from your personal computer; however, technology problems do occur. What is your backup plan if you are unable to access the OLS or post your assignments because of a problem with your computer or the Internet? Who might you contact to find solutions to technology problems? My backup plan if something happened to my laptop would be to use one of the other
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Unformatted text preview: computers in the house. If there was a problem with my internet I can go to a friend’s house and us their internet or go to any local Wifi café. I also have the University of Phoenix application on my iPhone so I can do anything I need to do from there as well. I also have a UoP campus near me so I could go there and get help....
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